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Recomended Online Slots for Australians


Online slots are the most popular game segment of wagering casino games online. All online casinos recommended here offer over 200 different online slots to its casino members. We have rigorously tested all aspects of each Australian online slots casino and found their gameplay, customer service and overall player experience to be excellent, each recommended online casino is safe, secure and licensed.

  • 100% Bonus Up To $100
  • Payout Percentage of 97%
  • 24/48hr Withdrawal Time
  • Slot Tournaments

Omni Casino is listed as our first choice recommended online casino based on a number of factors, Omni Casino has been taking Australian wagers since 1997 with few complaints from its members. They are renowned for their customer service and overall treatment of Omni Casino members. Omni runs daily/weekly and monthly promotions all of which adds to a fantastic experience for its new and existing members. Read the full Omni Casio review.

  • $526 Welcome Bonus
  • Fly Casino VIP Rewards
  • 24/48hr Withdrawal Time
  • 230+ Online Slots Available

Fly Casino has been online for just over a year and is owned by the same company who own Omni Casino. Fly has already made a impressive impact with Australian online slots players based on the online slots available and the rewards program that Fly Casino runs in parallel with is members wagers. Read More about Fly Casino.

  • $5000 Welcome Bonus
  • 24/48 Hour Withdrawal Time
  • Marvel+MGM Themed Slots
  • Excellent Customer Support

Grand Reef offers all new Australian casino members a whopping $5000 free over a new members first five deposits, as well as a very generous welcome bonus; Grand Reef offer some of the best online slots available. These include the all famous Marvel and MGM themed slots such as The Mummy, Gladiator and the Iron Man series of games. If you haven't played at Grand Reef, we can safely say- Your missing out! Read more about Grand Reef Casino

Australian Online Slots Games


Here we review the most popular online slots available to play online. Online slots over the last few years have taken huge strides both in technology and in concept. The most popular online slots are interactive themed 5 reel multiple payline slots based on recent movie releases such as The Soprano’s, The Mummy and Marvel’s Iron Man series. To read in-depth online slot reviews click here.

The Emergence of computerized slots


1982 saw the first computerized slot game available. Designed by a company called Sircoma, which would later become International Gaming Technology (IGT). The first computerized slot was in the form of a basic video poker game. The overall concept that technology had reached a point, which allowed for bank notes to be accepted rather than coins as well as different games offered on one terminal created a tsunami of excitement within the gaming industry. Most casino enthusiasts took this new concept very sceptically, the thought of playing slots on a computer screen, pressing a button rather than pulling the arm of the ‘One Arm Bandit’ was slightly alien however this scepticism soon passed as more and more games where being offered and casino players realized they no longer needed to wait in huge queues at the casino cashier to change money for a pot of machine coins instead it was just a case of inserting paper money into the machine.

Game Changer


With the emergence of computerized slots so to came the technology of offering multiple slots on one machine. The fact that a player could sit at one seat and have multiple games to choose from was a huge success both from the casinos point of view of maximizing its floor space and from the player’s point of view being more convenient, not having to roam around the gaming floor looking for their favorite games. Game bonuses were also introduced, otherwise known as bonus rounds designed to give players more enjoyment and a top up of gaming credits.



Online Slots


1994 saw the first Internet based online casino offering Internet users a chance to wager money playing various slots. Since then, online slots have become the most popular game type. Today’s technology now allows slot players to have the same visual experience in the comfort of their own home as they would have if they we sat playing in a land based casino.  All online casinos catering for slots players employ what is called a ‘Random Number Generator’ (RNG) the RNG is a program designed to protect against fraudulent play by constantly generating random numbers. As soon as the play button is pressed a sequence of numbers will be assigned to the action keeping each spin random. Online slots also have a pay-out percentage assigned to each slot. The pay-out percentage is programmed between 82% up to 98% of funds wagered by its players, meaning if the return to player is 90% (RTP) and the slot has had 10,000 spins at the cost of $1AUD the house would keep $1,000AUD and the player(s) would win $9,000AUD. As well as individual online slots, players can also wager on grouped slots, which normally offer huge jackpots. Grouped slots, otherwise known as progressive slots normally have jackpots that total over $1 million AUD.